Green Bond 2027

Sustainalytics Opinion on Fibria Green Bond 2027

Through its green bond, Fibria aims to invest in projects that improve its environmental performance. In alignment with Fibria’s sustainability strategy and long-term sustainability goals, the green bond’s proceeds will be allocated to projects focusing on:

  1. sustainable forest management,
  2. restoration of native forests and conservation of biodiversity,
  3. waste management,
  4. sustainable water management, and
  5. generation of energy from renewable sources.

Sustainalytics is of the opinion that eligible projects will have a clear impact on climate change mitigation, and will contribute to achieving long-term goals identified in Fibria’s overall sustainability strategy. The company’s approach to selecting projects and managing green bonds proceeds is credible, and its reporting on the use of proceeds, with key performance indicators that capture environmental impact, is transparent. Based on the above points, Sustainalytics considers Fibria’s Green Bond to be robust and credible.

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Fibria Overseas Finance Ltd.


Fibria Celulose S.A.

Issue Format

SEC Registered


BBB- (neg) / BBB- (stb)


Senior Unsecured

Use of Proceeds

Eligible Green Projects

Issue Amount

US$700 million

Securities Offered

5.5% Senior Notes due 2027


US$3.5 billion


New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

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